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Recycle Your Muddy Water Jar

May 20, 2010

One really good tip that I learned when I was student teaching years ago is to use a plastic ice cube tray with multiple wells for diluting watercolors and washing brushes when changing colors.  No more muddy brown water jar to knock over. Refill your ice cube tray only when you run out of clean wells and rinse out when you are done using it. I use it for water colors and acrylics.  Don’t worry about the acrylic stains on the plastic.  They won’t affect your water and they add ambiance and character to your water tray.

Making Creative Choices

May 20, 2010

I always feel that the opportunity to make creative choices is so important for developing the self confidence and the creativity of the student/artist. In many school settings with all of the emphasis on working for test scores and a dictated standard curriculum, there is not enough opportunity for individual creative expression and decision making. Students don’t learn how to make choices or that their choices can be respected. This is something that art can offer to the student.

Finding Joy in the Process of Making Art

May 20, 2010

I feel that learning to appreciate the process of making art and how the artist/student feels about it is more important than the product.  If the artist/student can enjoy art making as a process of trial, error and discovery, then the product will usually be satisfying. The artist/student will get involved with the process and not be worried about “is it going to be good?”  When coupled with building skills in drawing, design, color and techniques as students are ready, the student builds self confidence and becomes more willing to take creative risks with their work. At least this has been my experience with teaching.

Welcome to My Blog

May 10, 2010

Welcome to my blog! I am totally new at this blogging stuff, but it sounds like a lot of fun and I am excited about it.  I hope to build a blog that will be informative, entertaining, and useful for other creative folks and to those interested in environmental issues and the role that artists can play in raising awareness. I also plan to share some cool and time saving studio tips that have been useful to me as well as information about painting and printmaking techniques. There will be a forum for sharing feelings about making art and the related issues we artists have to deal with, such as exhibitions, marketing, creative blocks and break thru’s.  In other words, hopefully a spicy creative soup!

Fearless Flying! Marian Osher

May 10, 2010

Airescape 1 ©2010 Marian Osher mixed media acrylic painting 30" x 40"

Fearless Flying!
Marian Osher

April 27 – May 22, 2010
Ceres Gallery
547 West 27th Street, Suite 201, New York, NY
(10th – 11th Aves., Chelsea)

My in-flight fascination with the textures and abstractions of the earth and clouds has inspired me to create mixed-media paintings and wall hangings that also help combat my fear of flying.

Where My Fear of Flying Came From

My fear of flying developed during several flights to Colorado. Electrical problems, fuel leaking out of an airline before take-off, auxiliary engine failure before flying into a blizzard, and many other “turbulent” experiences escalated my fear.

In early September 2001, there was a terrible thunderstorm when my airplane was about to land (more…)

Hold that Conte!

May 10, 2010
Paper conte holder

This nifty holder keeps your conte from breaking.

Extend the life and ease of working with sticks of conte by taping them to the eraser ends of pencils.  This makes holding and manipulating the conte much easier even when the conte is worn down to a short stick.  If you want to work with sharpened conte, you can then (more…)