Hold that Conte!

Paper conte holder

This nifty holder keeps your conte from breaking.

Extend the life and ease of working with sticks of conte by taping them to the eraser ends of pencils.  This makes holding and manipulating the conte much easier even when the conte is worn down to a short stick.  If you want to work with sharpened conte, you can thenrefresh the point with a razor blade, only re-taping and moving the conte when it gets too short to sharpen. To avoid breakage of your conte, create a storage holder roll up a paper towel and cover it with a rolled up piece of letter sized paper. Fold up and tape the bottom.  Or use a longer sheet of paper and create a fold-over protective flap. I use a razor blade and turn the conte as I sharpen.  Any better suggestions for how to sharpen conte without breaking it?


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