ART*SPARKS Rekindling the Gifts

"Here Comes Sunshine" Marian Osher ©2011mixed-media monotype on canvas

“Here Comes Sunshine” Marian Osher ©2011mixed-media monotype on canvas

A solo show of new artwork by Marian Osher featuring over 50 new prints that push past the flat plane of the paper into mixed-media, multi-dimensional monotypes on painted canvas.  Marian Osher shares explorations and insights that helped her to break through an episode of creative block to rekindle her art.

Opening Reception
Saturday March 3, 2012, 1 to 4 pm
Artist’s Talk: Saturday March 3, 1:30 pm

Exhibition dates: February 29 thru March 25, 2012

Location:  Washington Printmakers Gallery
Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, 2nd Floor
8230 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Hours: Wed-Thurs 12 – 6, Fri 12 – 7, Sat 10 -5, Sun 10 – 5

Just ten months before ART*SPARKS, her solo exhibition at Washington Printmakers Gallery, was set to open, Marian Osher suffered from a case of the dreaded creative block.Thankfully, help finally came from a Yoga “aha” realization. “When I overload my creativity, it’s like hyperventilating–not enough comes in to allow the energy to flow out,” Osher says. “My Yoga instructor taught me to focus on the breath, breathing slowly and deeply, in and out. Creativity also has to be natural, and it can’t be forced or rushed.” Making this connection removed the pressure and anxiety. Osher was able to relax and restart the flow.

Using rediscovered gifts from friends, family and nature, she began rekindling her creative process. Osher’s success in breaking through her block resulted in the creation of fifty-eight new works for the exhibition. In ART*SPARKS, she pushes her oft-used monotype media past the flat plane of the paper, reworking the prints into multi-dimensional mixed-media artwork on canvas. Flowers expand and evolve as layers of petals continue to open. Shells are found nested inside other shells, broken or not, and mixed with layers of sand. In addition there are six free-form relief prints on sculpted canvas. All the work in this exhibition is shown without the barriers of framing or glass, making it unique for a printmaking exhibition.

“Dance with Me” Marian Osher © 2011, relief monotype on sculpted canvas

Listen to a podcast interview by Matt Garr of Celebrity Cause Internet Radio with Marian Osher about ARTSPARKS!  The podcast is number 11 on the Shows About the Arts List.


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