FLOWER POWER or Creating Relief Monotypes on Sculpted Canvas for the ART*SPARKS Exhibition

"Blue Tango" ©2011 Marian Osher, relief monotype on sculpted canvas, 14" x 13"

Making relief monotypes on sculpted canvas was an experiment that turned out to be fun. Lighting the artwork on the walls and playing with the cast shadows was the icing on the cake. So I’d also like to share some information and photos about the process.

I drew and painted the flower with water soluble media on a mylar plate coated with gum arabic. The image was transferred from the mylar plate to Lanaquarelle water color paper with the etching press. The print was dried over night between blotters under books.

The flat monotype print was mounted onto heavy floor canvas with Golden Soft Gel Medium and allowed to dry over night under weights (more books).

Using a strong scissors, I cut out the edge of the flower, cutting through both the paper and the canvas.

I bent and molded the cut out flower with my hands to make the relief shapes.

A layer of GAC 400 was applied to the back of the canvas as a stiffening medium to hold the relief shape. The sculpted dried over night with tin foil ball supports under the raised areas and then was “cured or set” with a hair dryer.

A 2″ x 2″ block of painted wood was attached with gel medium to the back of the canvas to allow the flower to stand out from the wall.

The front and back surface was protected with the same six stage process that I used for the mixed-media, multi-level works on canvas. (March 19, 2012 blog entry).


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