A Closing Reception Opens Doors

If you are having an art exhibition, I highly recommend offering a closing reception in addition to the opening reception. It gives folks another chance to see the show and meet the artist. Since the opening reception for ART*SPARKS was on a Saturday afternoon, the closing reception on a Sunday afternoon provided people with the option of a different day of the week.

The crowd for the closing was smaller, but steady throughout the two hours. Some people who had come to the opening, returned for the closing too. It was enjoyable to spend individual time with the people who came. I felt relaxed and enjoyed talking about the work informally.

The ART*SPARKS exhibition at the Washington Printmakers Gallery is now closed. The links below will give you the opportunity to see some of the artwork and gain a sense of the “flavor” of the show.

some of the artwork in the show on the Washington Printmakers Gallery website


Photos and information about the techniques of making the artworkhttp://dcimprint.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/printmaking-101-mixed-media-monotypes-and-more/

Creativity talk and slide show of reception at the gallery

Installation photos of part of the show

more about the show, with photos, statement

audio interview


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