New Art at the Philip Morton Gallery


“Man with the Red Hat” Marian Osher ©2012 size: 12″ x 12″ x 1.5″

I am very pleased to be one of the artists now represented by the Philip Morton Gallery in Rehoboth, Delaware. This gallery exhibits an interesting selection of original paintings, sculptures, mixed media and glass.

If you are visiting Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, I hope you will stop by the gallery and enjoy a selection of my new mixed-media acrylic paintings with photo collage, and yes, real sand.

This ongoing series of paintings is inspired by my appreciation for Delaware beaches. I see people on the beach as a living panorama of diverse races, ages, ethnic origins and genders. As a species, they repeat the human activities of playing, reading, digging, swimming, fishing, talking, eating, watching, sleeping, schlepping, walking and putting on sun tan lotion. Yet individually, each person has their own outlook, creativity, problems and feelings that make up their journey.  And that journey remains a mystery.

The Philip Morton Gallery is located at 47 Baltimore Avenue in downtown Rehoboth.

You can also visit the gallery online.
the gallery’s website:
To see a selection of my artwork, click on my name on the list of New Works at the top of the home page


“Friends and Family” Marian Osher ©2012
size 6″ x 6″ x 1.5″


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2 Responses to “New Art at the Philip Morton Gallery”

  1. Drew Kail Says:

    Congratulations! The piece looks great. I’ve been to Rehoboth Beach and it is beautiful.

    • Marian Osher Says:

      Hi Drew,
      Thanks for your comment about this new artwork. Good to know that you have had the opportunity to experience Rehoboth Beach in person. It’s a very special place.
      Marian Osher

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