Beach Life Paintings Featured at the Philip Morton Gallery, Rehoboth, Delaware

The activities of people on the beach repeat themselves over and over again with variations of human activity — playing, reading, digging, swimming, fishing, talking, eating, watching, sleeping, schlepping, walking, and putting sun tan lotion on their bodies. They do the things that people do as a species. But individually, each person has their own outlook, creativity, problems and feelings that make up their journey. And what that journey is, remains a mystery.

The paintings in this series are mixed-media acrylic paintings. The beach life paintings combine collage elements from photos that I have taken with painted elements and sand mixed with acrylic paint.  I also paint on top of some of the photo collage to unify the surface.  I feel that working with mixed media and collage on the canvas metaphors the textures and varied surfaces of the beach.

I am very pleased to have my beach life paintings on exhibit at the Philip Morton Gallery.  I have really enjoyed creating the little paintings of this ongoing series.

Rehoboth Beach Second Saturday Art Walk
Saturday August 11, 2012 from 6 to 9 pm

Reception at the
Philip Morton Gallery
47 Baltimore Avenue in the heart of downtown Rehoboth

Preview some of the beach life paintings

Map of all participating galleries:


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