To Price or Not to Price? –That is the Question

Should artists post prices for their artwork on their websites? Check out a lively discussion by artists and gallery directors about the pros and cons of listing prices on artists’ websites. (reddotblog link at the end of this post). I still have mixed opinions about this myself, and do not currently list prices on my website, although I do have a page titled “purchasing” which tells how to buy my artwork.

Below is an excerpt from my July 24 comment on the reddotblog.

“Interesting to hear the pros and cons of listing pricing. Now that I am managing my own website, the cost of adding prices and updating them is not a factor. I do not currently have prices on my website, but am considering the idea based on many of the points in this valuable discussion. One problem I see is how to deal with packing, shipping and insurance charges, which can vary greatly. One option would be to list the price and state that these charges would be additional. This would be calculated and quoted after the shipping address is given. I would think that the buyer would want to know the total price before committing to purchase the artwork, so it would require more communication with the buyer before the sale could be completed. How do others handle this?”

I would welcome feedback on my blog about how artists handle shipping quotations on their websites, and any other comments related to the pricing issue. You can also submit comments to the discussion on the reddotblog.


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