Dog Days of Summer

Cool off in the Dog Days of Summer at the Philip Morton Gallery in Rehoboth, Delaware, with my Dog Friendly mixed-media paintings with photo collage and sand on canvas.
Located at 47 Baltimore Ave, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. 302-727-0905

Dogs are allowed to walk their owners with leashes on public beaches off season, and year round on designated beaches of the Delaware Seashore State Park.  Owners may walk without their dogs on all public beaches in season. It is fun to observe the antics of people and dogs on the beaches, and to be a part of the tail wagging scene with my own dog on the beach.

Three Dog Day

Three Dog Day

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

Good Dog

Good Dog

Happy Dolg

Happy Dog



Who's Walking Whom?

Who’s Walking Whom?

2 Responses to “Dog Days of Summer”

  1. Hollis Hildebrand-Mills Says:

    Marian: These beach paintings are great!!!!! I really like the “feel.” Also I like the other flower paintings you showed in March and the pictures of you in Washington giving a talk and the one at your press. Very nice. Hope to talk soon. Check out my collages (100, one a day) of “Afloat” and my annotations.

    • Marian Osher Says:

      Hollis, Thank you so much. I have really enjoyed creating the beach paintings. If you are in Rehoboth, DE you can see my latest paintings in this ongoing beach life series at Gallery 50 and the Phillip Morton Gallery. Glad you liked some of the other posts as well. I visited your blog and hope others will check it out as well. Your collages and annotations are an interesting series to follow. I have added your blog to my list of artists blogs.

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