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Art is NOT a Minor Subject!

July 13, 2010

It always amazes me when I hear the study of art in public education referred to as “a minor subject”. In a time of budget cutting, the arts are the first to feel the ax and often are the last priority in recovery. Science, English, foreign languages and math are considered major subjects.  Perhaps that is because the broad-based benefits of art education are not understood or are overlooked. So I am going to take advantage of this blog to point out some of the far reaching benefits of art education. (more…)

Buffalo Field Campaign 2011 Calendar

July 12, 2010

The Buffalo Field Campaign is excited to announce the release of the first ever calendar focused exclusively on America’s only continuously wild population of bison.  Wild Bison 2011 is a spectacular celebration of the beautiful bison. The calendar was compiled and produced by Buffalo Field Campaign, and features photographs submitted by our supporters or shot by BFC volunteers. Each month offers a seasonal perspective on wild bison in and around the Yellowstone Ecosystem and highlights their natural history.

Wild Bison 2011 combines superb photos, artwork, facts, stories, and poems to convey the spirit of wild bison.

These beautiful calendars cost $15.00 (including shipping) and are available on BFC’s merchandise page or by sending a check to:

Buffalo Field Campaign
P.O. Box 957
West Yellowstone, MT 59758

The calendars can also be ordered from the website of The Buffalo Field Campaign.

Please email Mike Mease for information on retail purchase or distributing calendars in your community.

I am honored to have two pieces of my art work included in this calendar.  I hope that you will consider buying these calendars for gifts for others and for yourself or making a donation to the Buffalo Field Campaign.  BFC is the only group working in the field every day
in defense of the last wild buffalo population in the U.S. Your support will help to preserve the Yellowstone Buffalo.

ECO ART: Exploring Environmental Issues

June 11, 2010

Learning about the Issues
A news article, “Warming Tied to Extinction of Frog Species” by Juliet Eilperin, (Washington Post, January 12, 2006) and five years of activism with the Buffalo Field Campaign  (more…)